Slow Execution of Services
Slow execution of services impacts the users of your ThingWorx solution. They have to wait for considerably long time for the service to complete before they see the results in the user interface. If many services are executed slowly and simultaneously, your ThingWorx solution can become unresponsive.
This section explains some of the common indicators of performance issues in the services layer of your ThingWorx solution. The section helps you understand which metrics to monitor, how the internal subsystems handle various operations, and how bottlenecks in these subsystems impact the overall server performance.
Operations That Cause Slow Execution of Services
You must consider the following while monitoring slow execution of services:
How quickly are the services executed? Are there long-running services that should be optimized?
Are there any blocked services?
Are there services that can cause contention on shared resources such as database connections?
Are there any ThingWorx subsystems that are delayed on processing? For example, are the schedulers or timers taking too long to complete the operation and causing a bottleneck in the Event subsystem?
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