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Monitoring ThingWorx Solutions
Monitoring solutions is part of solution performance management. This section describes some of the key metrics and performance indicators that help you monitor your ThingWorx solutions. It also describes some of the tools that can be deployed to collect and analyze these performance indicators.
It is recommended to monitor the following performance indicators:
ThingWorx memory usage—Memory issues in Java virtual machine (JVM) or at operating system level are some of the primary reasons for performance issues in solutions. They also cause the solution to crash.
ThingWorx mashup and execution time of services—Slow execution of services or a mashup impact the user experience of your ThingWorx solution.
Database, operating system, and network performance—ThingWorx depends on database, operating system, and network responsiveness for optimal performance.
Log monitoring—ThingWorx extensively logs diagnostic messages. These messages should be actively monitored to detect any performance or usability issues.
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