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Provides competence (UPDM - NAF aliases)
To create a Provides Competence:
From an Actual Organization, Actual Person, or Actual Post: right-click the element, point to Links, point to Operational, and then click Provided Competence. From the Links Editor dialog, select the provided Competence elements.
From a Competence: right-click the Competence, point to Links, point to Operational, and then click Provided By. From the Links Editor dialog, select the Actual Organization, Actual Person and Actual Post elements that provide the Competence.
A Provides Competence does not appear on any diagrams.
The following relationships are of importance to a Provides Competence:
To specify the Actual Property Set that provides the universal property set for a Provides Competence: right-click the Provides Competence, point to Links, and then click Universal Property Set.
The following sections provide information about how a Provides Competence is used in the model.
Create a Provides Competence from
Actual Organization
Actual Person
Actual Post
Create from a Provides Competence
Only the UPDM elements that can be created from all UPDM elements ( Alias, Definition, Information and Metadata).
Shown on these diagrams, tables and matrices
Only the NAV-2 Integrated Dictionary and NTV-1 Standards Profile, which can show all UPDM elements.
UPDM writeable properties
The following writeable properties are available on the Provides Competence tab of a Provides Competence element's Property Pages: