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Alias (UPDM - NAF aliases)
To create an Alias:
From an element: right-click the element, point to New, point to NAF, and then click Alias.
From a diagram: click the Alias toolbar button, and then click in free space on the diagram.
Specify the text of the Alias through the Full Text property.
To apply an Alias to an element:
From an element: right-click the element, point to Links, point to Applied, and then click Alias. On the Links Editor dialog, select the Alias elements that apply to the element.
From an Alias: right-click the Alias, point to Links, and then click Aliased Element. On the Links Editor dialog, select the elements to which the Alias applies.
From a diagram, click the Note Link toolbar button, click the Alias, and then click the element to which the Alias applies.
When shown on a diagram, an Alias appears as follows:
To populate an element's Alias on a diagram: right-click the element, point to Populate, point to Links, and then click Alias Note Links.
There are no relationships that are of significant importance to an Alias.
The following sections provide information about how an Alias is used in the model.
Create an Alias from
All elements.
Create from an Alias
No elements can be created from an Alias.
Shown on these diagrams, tables and matrices
In addition to the NAV-2 Integrated Dictionary and NTV-1 Standards Profile, which can show all UPDM elements:
NPV-2 Project Activity Model
NPV-2 Project Activity Hierarchy
NPV-3 Project Type Definition
NPV-3 Actual Project Definition
NAV-3 Measurement Definition
NAV-3 Actual Measurement Definition
NAV-4 Environmental Model
NOV-1a High-level Operational Concept Graphic
NOV-1d Mission Definition
NOV-2 Operational Node Definition
NOV-2 Operational Node Relationship Description
NOV-4 Typical Organizational Relationships Chart
NOV-4 Actual Organizational Relationships Chart
NOV-5 Operational Activity Model
NOV-5 Operational Activity Hierarchy
NOV-6b Operational State Transition Description
NOV-7 Information Model
NSOV-1 Service Taxonomy
NSOV-2 Service Definition
NSOV-3 Capability to Service Definition
NSOV-4b Service State Model
NSOV-4c Service Interaction Specification
NSOV-5 Service Functionality
NCV-1 Enterprise Vision
NCV-2 Capability Taxonomy
NCV-4 Capability Dependencies
NCV-6 Operational Activity to Capability Mapping
NSV-1 Resource Specification
NSV-1 Resource Interaction Specification
NSV-2 System Communications Description
NSV-4 Functionality Description
NSV-4 Functionality Hierarchy
NSV-5 Function to Operational Activity/Service Function Definition
NSV-9 Technology and Skills Forecast Definition
NSV-10b Resource State Transition Description
NSV-11 System Data Model
NTV-2 Standards Definition
NTV-2 Protocol Layer Definition
UPDM writeable properties
The following writeable properties are available on the Alias tab of an Alias element's Property Pages: