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Creating an allocation matrix (SysML)
1. Right-click the Model or the Package that is to own the Allocation Matrix, point to New, point to SysML, point to Allocations, and then click Allocation Matrix.
2. Type the name of the Allocation Matrix, and then press the Enter key.
3. By default, the row and column items include their scoping name. If you do not want row and column items to include their scoping name:
a. Open the Allocation Matrix's Property Pages.
b. Click the Allocation Matrix tab.
c. To not show the scoping name of row items, set the tagged value of the rowItemsShowScope tag definition to FALSE.
d. To not show the scoping name of column items, set the tagged value of the columnItemsShowScope tag definition to FALSE.
To open the Allocation Matrix, double-click it.
By default, a new Allocation Matrix searches for allocated items in the Package that owns the Allocation Matrix. You can specify which Packages to search for allocated items or alternatively search the whole model. How?