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Creating a constraint property (SysML)
For information about creating a Constraint Property on a Parametric Diagram, click here .
To create a constraint property:
1. Right-click the Constraint Block that is to own the Constraint Property.
2. Point to New, point to SysML, and then click Constraint Property.
3. To use an existing Constraint Block as a type:
a. In the Options group, click the Existing Type option.
b. Select the Constraint Block that you want to use as a type, and then click OK.
Note that, in the Existing Type: pane, you can click the Find Items button to open the Add New Search Folder dialog where you can specify the Type and a subset or the full Name of the items that you want to find.
To create a new Constraint Block to use as a type:
a. In the Options group, click the New Type option.
b. From the Type list, select the type of the Constraint Block you want to create and use as a type.
c. In the Name box, type the name of the Constraint Block that will be used as a type, and then click OK.
To create an untyped Constraint Property:
In the Options group, click the Untyped option, and then click OK.
4. Type the name of the Constraint Property, and then press the Enter key.
After creating a Constraint Property, you can specify its multiplicity and set it up as read only and as an objective function. For more information, see the Related Topics.