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Showing or hiding additional properties in the variant selector
Additional Variation Point and Variant properties can optionally be displayed in the Variant Selector. By default, the Description property can be optionally displayed. It is also possible to configure which properties can be displayed.
To show or hide additional Modeler Properties:
1. In Modeler, open the model that contains the Decision Set for which you want to show or hide additional Modeler Properties.
2. Start the Variant Selector. See Starting the variant selector.
3. Toggle the Show/Hide Properties button to show or hide the additional properties.
To configure which additional Modeler Properties can be displayed:
1. Open the file called VariantSelectorControl.xml which is located in the ProgramData\PTC Integrity Modeler\ModelerATFiles folder.
Add or remove entries for each property that should be available for display.Specify if the property is displayed for Variation Points, Variants or both.
2. The example below shows that the Description Property is to be displayed for both Variation Points and Variants.
<property name="Description" variationPoint="True" variant="True" />
Ensure the correct property name is specified. Use TellMe to confirm the name if needed.
This file is stored on the Modeler Server and settings apply to all Modeler Clients that use that Modeler Server.