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Variability model
The Variability Model documents variability in your model through Variability items and relationships.
For information about orthogonal variability modeling in Modeler, see Overview of variability modeling in Modeler.
The following sections provide information about the item and diagram types that are used in the Variability Model. For more information about a diagram or item, click it.
Uses these diagrams
Variant Diagram
In addition, Variability Model items and relationships can appear on the following diagram types:
Activity Diagram
Class Diagram
Communication Diagram
Composite Structure Diagram
Concurrency Diagram
Constraints Diagram
General Flow Diagram
General Graphics Diagram
Object Diagram
Profile Diagram
Sequence Diagram
State diagram
System Architecture Diagram
Table Relationships Diagram
Defines and uses these dictionary items
Use Case Diagram
Alternative Choice
Decision Set
Dependency (types of Artifact, Excludes, Requires and Variability)
Variation Point
Note that this icon indicates that the item can appear on Variant Diagrams.