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Meta model type (dictionary item)
A Meta Model Type represents an item or diagram type in a model, such as a Class or Attribute. You cannot create Meta Model Types in a model.
Profile Diagrams use Meta Model Types to define valid model item types for a Stereotype and target model item types for a reference Tag Definition:
An Extension link between a Stereotype and a Meta Model Type defines a valid model item type for the Stereotype.
A Reference Tag between a Stereotype and a Meta Model Type defines a target type for the reference Tag Definition.
On a Profile Diagram, you can add a Meta Model Type through the Meta Class toolbar button. In addition, you can drag a Meta Model Type from the UML\Meta Model Types folder of the Dictionary pane to the diagram.
When shown on a Profile Diagram, a Meta Model Type's notation is as follows:
The following sections provide information about how a Memory Type is used in the model. For more information about a property, item, model part or diagram, click it.
A Memory Type has these properties:
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