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Basic type (dictionary item)
For automation interface information about a Basic Type, see Basic type (automation interface).
A Basic Type is a data type that can be assigned to an Attribute, Operation, Parameter or Type Definition.
Create a Basic Type through a Modeler explorer pane or a Class Diagram:
In a Modeler pane, right-click a Package, point to New, point to UML, point to Structure, and then click Basic Type.
On a Class Diagram, click the Basic Type toolbar button, and then click in free space.
When used on a Class Diagram, a Basic Type's notation is as follows:
For information about the View Options available for this symbol, see Basic type view options - class diagram.
Before deleting a Basic Type, ensure that you click the Details button from the confirmation dialog so that you can see which items reference that Basic Type.
In the Modeler panes, a short-cut symbol on the Basic Type's icon indicates that the item is a stub. For more information, see Stubs.
The following sections provide information about how a Basic Type is used in the model. For more information about a property, item, model part or diagram, click it.
In addition to the standard properties a Basic Type has these properties:
Owned by
Dependency - The Dependency is owned jointly by the Basic Type and the other associated item. The access permissions you have to a Dependency are determined by the access permissions of the dependent item.
IO Flow - The IO Flow is owned jointly by the Basic Type (only when the Basic Type is the IO Flow's IO Item) and the IO Flow's source and target items.
Defined in these parts of the model
Class Model
Shown on these diagrams
Class Diagram
Variant Diagram
Can be linked to these dictionary items
In addition to the owning Package or Model, a Basic Type can be linked to the following items.
Can be used as a data type for these items
Type Definition
When used as a data type, Modeler creates a special link between the Basic Type and the referencing item. You cannot navigate this link through the Links Editor.