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Printing a diagram
1. Open the diagram you want to print, or select the diagrams in an appropriate Modeler pane.
2. Set up the page size, orientation and options. For more information, see Setting up page size, orientation and margins.
3. Set up the print options, such as scaling a diagram to fit on one page, printing in monochrome, and including diagram information in a footer. For more information, see Setting up options for printing diagrams.
4. If required, preview the printout by clicking the File menu, and then clicking Print Preview. The Print Preview dialog includes the following buttons:
Print - prints the currently displayed diagram.
Next Page - displays the next page of the diagram.
Prev Page - displays the previous page of the diagram.
One page/Two Page - switches the number of pages displayed in the preview.
Zoom In - zooms in to see the diagram in more detail.
Zoom Out - zooms out to see more of the diagram.
Close - closes the Print Preview dialog.
5. On the File menu, click Print.
The standard Windows Print dialog is displayed and you can specify options for printing.
6. Click OK.
If you print a diagram through the Print Diagram toolbar button, the active diagram is printed directly without the Print dialog being opened.