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Linking items on the system architecture diagram
The type of connection made between items on the System Architecture Diagram depends on the two items being linked.
Types of link:
Point-to-point connection—links disks, boards, interface devices and subsystems to each other.
Drop—connects the multidrop bus to a disk, board, interface device or subsystem.
External connector—links an actor to an interface device or a subsystem.
To link items
1. On the System Architecture Diagram toolbar, click the icon.
2. Click on the source item. A dotted line appears.
3. Click on the destination item.
The two items are now linked.
To amend a link
Change the properties of the point-to-point connection and external connector through the Options tab of the Property pages.
Point-to-point connection—describe the protocol, speed and width by linking to a point-to-point connection type.
External connector—change the direction of the interaction or make it bi-directional.
Attach event messages to external connectors to describe prompts between actors, interface devices and subsystems.