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Item types
You associate disks, boards, interface devices, multidrop buses and point-to-point connections to item types that describe their technical features.
Item Type describes:
The size and speed of the disk
The layout of the board
Interface device
The interface in which the device operates
Multidrop bus
The protocol, speed and width of the multidrop bus
Point-to-point connection
The protocol, speed and width of the point-to-point connection
To set up a new item type:
1. In the appropriate pane, right-click an item type folder.
2. Click New <item type>.
The new item type will appear in the expanded view of the dictionary or relationships pane folder. Enter the name and technical details of your item type through the Property pages.
To associate an item with a type:
1. Click the item on the diagram or in the dictionary.
2. Select the Options tab of the Property pages.
3. Click the required item type.
Alternatively drag an item type onto an item in a pane.
The item now possesses the characteristics of the associated item type.
Creating new items associated with a type:
Drag an item type onto the diagram from the dictionary or relationships pane.
The item displayed on the diagram is automatically associated with that type.
Item types are maintained within the dictionary and have no diagrammatic representation. Many items can be linked to one corresponding item type, such as disks to a disk type. A set of items linked to a type in this way will all carry the same characteristics.