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Defining symbol features for all items
Use this method when you want a feature to apply to all symbols. For example, you can define that links on all diagrams are straight with no shadow.
The style features you set may be overridden. Tell me more...
To define symbol features for all items:
1. In the Packages pane, right-click the Package in which you want to create the Symbol Style, point to New, point to UML, point to Profiles, and then click Symbol Style.
2. On the Symbol Style's Property Pages, click the Items tab.
3. From the Show Associated list, select Model Item Types.
4. Click the Link button.
5. Select the check box associated with Model, and then click OK.
6. On the Style tab, click Edit.
7. On the Style Modification dialog, set the symbol features as required, and then click OK.
For information about the options available on the Style Modification dialog, click these links and the Related Links below.
Style modification dialog - compartments tab
Style modification dialog - general tab
Style modification dialog - icon tab
8. If you have applied more than one Symbol Style to the model, specify which Symbol Style is used to set symbol features through the Priority box. The Symbol Style that has the highest number set for its Priority property is used.
Each symbol feature you set will be used for any item added to a diagram, unless the feature is overridden by a symbol feature defined for items of a specific type, an individual item or an individual symbol.