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Bookmarking a database (Model Explorer)
Users connecting to a remote Integrity Modeler server should be granted access to the database. Bookmarking a database without access permissions is not possible.
To bookmark a database:
1. Start Model Explorer.
Starting Model Explorer (Model Explorer)
2. If the database's server is not shown in Model Explorer, add the server to Model Explorer.
Adding a server to Model Explorer (Model Explorer)
3. Right-click the Database's server, and then click Show All Databases.
Databases that are not bookmarked have a gray icon.
4. Right-click the Database you want to bookmark, and then click Bookmark.
Next time Model Explorer is started, the database you have bookmarked will be shown by default.
If you stop using the database you have bookmarked, remove the bookmark so that Model Explorer does not connect to that database each time it is started.