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Setting Object Animator options (Object Animator)
The Options dialog box allows you to control how an animation runs, display message names and set the fonts used in the Animation and History Panes.
To make a running animation continuously loop through a Sequence Diagram, select the 'Auto-restart' Diagrams check box.
To make a running animation prompt you for a path at Selection and Parallel statements, select the Stop at Selection/Parallel check box. If you clear the Stop at Selection/Parallel/Iteration check box, Object Animator steps through all parallel threads in order, steps through the first path in each Selection block, and steps through an Iteration block only once before continuing.
To animate child and referenced Sequence Diagrams, select the Animate into Child Diagrams check box.
To display message names in the Animator pane, select the Messaging check box.
To change the font used in the Animator or History Pane, click the appropriate Change button.