To Insert Characters Using the Character Map
To Insert Characters Using Copy and Paste
1. On your desktop, click Start > Windows Accessories > Character Map. The Character Map window opens.
2. Click Advanced view.
3. Delete any characters that appear in the Characters to copy box.
4. Locate and click the desired character.
5. Click Select. The character appears in the Characters to copy box.
6. Click Copy and paste the copied character into the desired worksheet region. The copied character appears at the insertion point.
To Insert Characters Using Keystrokes
1. On the Character Map, select a character that has a keystroke.
If a character has a keystroke, the information appears in the bottom-right side of the Character Map window.
As an example, click the Greek character µ. The following information appears at the bottom of the window:
U+00B5: Micro Sign
Keystroke: Alt+0181
2. Click inside the worksheet region in which you want to insert the character.
3. Hold down the ALT key and type in the number 0181 using the numeric keypad.
Do not use the keyboard’s number keys.
4. Release the ALT key. The µ appears at the insertion point.
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