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Unit Scaling in Common Formats
°C(x), °F(x)—Return the Kelvin temperature specified by the Celsius or Fahrenheit value x. When used in the units placeholder, they scale the Kelvin result back to their Celsius or Fahrenheit value, respectively.
Use Δ°C or Δ°F when dealing with a change between two temperatures.
DMS(v)—Returns the angle in radians given a vector containing degrees-minutes-seconds, or returns the v vector given the angle when used in the units placeholder.
FIF(sFIF)—Returns a length given a string representing feet-inches-fractions, or returns the sFIF string given a length when used in the units placeholder.
hhmmss(shms)—Returns a time given a string containing hours-minutes-seconds, or returns the shms string given a time when used in the units placeholder.
v is a vector of three real elements for degrees, minutes and seconds, or three scalar arguments giving degrees, minutes and seconds.
sFIF is a string of format "n' m-p/q", where n' (indicates a length in feet), m, p, and q (indicate a length in inches) are integers.
Alternatively, sFIF is three scalar arguments of format (ft, in, fractions), giving the feet, inches, and fractions of an inch separately.
shms is a string of format "hh:mm:ss.sss", where h, m, and s are integers.
Alternatively, shms is three scalar arguments of format (hh, mm, ss), giving the hours, minutes, and seconds separately.
Additional Information
The above functions, also referred to as affine units, are special in that upon insertion PTC Mathcad automatically assigns them the Unit label. You can insert them from the Ribbon in one of two ways:
On the Functions tab, in the Functions group, click All Functions.
Click the Miscellaneous group, then click the desired function.
On the Math tab, in the Units group, click Units.
Click DMS under the Angle category, FIF under the Length category, °C or °F under the Temperature category, or hhmmss under the Time category.
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