Working with PTC Mathcad Prime > Mathcad Workspace > To View and Configure License Settings
To View and Configure License Settings
Click > Options > License. The License window opens.
To view license settings
In the top half of the License window, you can view your license, host ID, and service contract number information, as well as the date and status of your last license request.
Click Copy All to copy the above information, plus the server name and port number where the license was obtained, to your clipboard.
To configure license settings
On the License Configuration pane, you can configure your license.
To configure your license from a server:
Click Server. Then, in the Server box, type the name of your license server. In the Port box, type the port number of your license. PTC uses port number 7788. Contact your IT team for your license server and port number.
Borrow or return your license from the server you specified. Click Borrow. Then click Return to return the borrowed license.
If you have a pool of servers where you can obtain a license, click Source List. Then type a list where each item is formatted as port@servername, and is separated by semicolons.
To configure your license from a local file:
Click Browse to locate the file. Alternatively, click File. Then, in the File box, type the name of the local file.
Click Apply to apply your new configuration.
You can get a free forever PTC Mathcad Express license, activate a purchased license, and configure your product to use an existing license:
Click Get License to open the PTC Mathcad License Wizard.
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