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About the PTC Mathcad Prime Workspace
When you start PTC Mathcad Prime, a new worksheet opens in which you can enter text, equations, plots, and images. You can have as many worksheets open as your available system resources allow. The PTC Mathcad Prime workspace consists of the following worksheet and user interface items:
Title Bar—Located at the top of the window and displays the installed version of PTC Mathcad Prime.
PTC Mathcad Prime Button —Located within the Title Bar and contains:
New, Open, Save, Save As, Close—Commands for working with files.
Print—Command to print the current worksheet.
Options—Opens the PTC Mathcad Options dialog box and provides access to the License and Options tabs.
About—Opens the About PTC Mathcad Prime dialog box that displays information about product, version, locale, and a link to the software copyright document.
Exit—Exits PTC Mathcad Prime if none of the open worksheets require saving. Otherwise, a prompt opens giving you the option to save or not to save for each unsaved worksheet.
Recently Used Worksheets—Lists the recently used worksheets.
Ribbon—Contains tabs that group related commands. Under each tab you can view drop-down menus and buttons. Hovering over a menu or a button opens a tooltip that explains the function of the selected item. Some tooltips include the keyboard shortcut that you can enter to perform the same functionality.
Quick Access Toolbar (QAT)—Contains frequently used commands that can not be removed from the QAT. However, you can add or remove other commands that you use frequently. The QAT is located, by default, above the Ribbon. To show the QAT below the Ribbon, right-click any tab and click Show Quick Access Toolbar Below the Ribbon.
Shortcut menus—Right-click outside any region of the worksheet to open a context menu that provides access to frequently used commands.
Open Worksheets Bar—Located immediately below the Ribbon and displays one or more tabs. When first opened, PTC Mathcad Prime starts with a new worksheet named Untitled where you can create your new worksheet. When you open an existing worksheet, PTC Mathcad Prime opens it under a new tab which bears the name of the worksheet.
When in PTC Mathcad Prime Express mode, two additional buttons appear on the right side of the bar:
Upgrade—Upgrade to a paid license to access all premium features.
Activate—Activate a newly acquired license.
Worksheet tab shortcut menu—Right-click the worksheet filename tab for quick access to frequently used worksheet operations. The Copy Full File Path and Open Containing Folder commands are only available when the worksheet is saved.
Status Bar—Contains Worksheet page numbers, a color-coded circle showing the calculation state, Find and Replace, Zoom Slider, Page View, and Draft View buttons.
Functions Window—An optional functions tool window that displays a searchable list of all built-in functions. To open this window, on the Functions tab, in the Functions group, click All Functions. Two views are available: View by Category and View by Name. Once you find the desired function, then you can insert it into the active worksheet.
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