To Print Worksheets
In the Title Bar, click , then click Print. The Print dialog box opens.
1. In the Select Printer group, select a printer name.
To print the worksheet to PDF, select Microsoft Print to PDF.
To print the worksheet to XPS, the Microsoft XML Paper Specification format, select Microsoft XPS Document Writer.
2. In the Page Range group:
To print the whole worksheet, click All. This is selected by default.
To print the active page as displayed in the status bar, click Current Page.
To print a single page or page range, click Pages. In the Pages text box, type the page numbers you wish to print. Use a dash to indicate a page range. For example, type 1-3 to print pages one through three. Typing a comma results in error.
3. To print one or more regions from one or more worksheet pages:
a. Close the Print dialog box.
b. Press Ctrl or Shift, and select one or more regions from one or more worksheet pages. If you select at least one region on a page, the entire page will print.
c. Open the Print dialog box.
d. In the Page Range group, click Selection.
4. Click Print.
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