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Quantile-Quantile Plot
qqplot(v1, [v2 OR "distribution"])—Returns a two-column matrix containing the x and y data for a Q-Q plot that compares the quantiles, or percentiles, of two data sets:
v1 only
Quantiles for v1 and the normal distribution
v1 and v2
Quantiles for v1 and v2
v1 and “distribution”
Quantiles for v1 and the appropriate distribution
v1, v2 are real or complex-valued vectors. v2 is optional. The imaginary parts of the elements of v1 and v2 are ignored.
“distribution” is entered as either “normal” for the normal distribution, or “weibull” for the natural log of the Weibull distribution. In the later case, the quantiles for v1 are also returned as the natural log.
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