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Interest Rate
crate(nper, pv, fv)—Returns the fixed interest rate per period for an investment to yield a specified future value fv, given a present value pv and a number of compounding periods nper.
nom(apr, npery)—Returns the nominal interest rate, given an effective APR of apr, and npery number of compounding periods per year.
rate(nper, pmt, pv, [[fv], [type], [guess]])—Returns the interest rate per period of an investment or loan over a specified number of compounding periods nper given a periodic, constant payment pmt and a specified present value pv.
If rate cannot find a result that is accurate to within 1×10−7 percent after 20 iterations, an error is returned. When this happens, try a different guess value.
nper is the positive integer number of compounding periods.
pv is the real, positive present (or initial) value loan.
fv (optional for rate) is the future value: a cash balance you want to attain after the last payment is made. If omitted, fv = 0.
apr is the real, positive, scalar Annual Percentage Rate. It equals the nominal annual rate if compounding once a year.
npery is the positive integer number of compounding periods per year.
pmt is the real payment made each period. It usually includes principal and interest but no other taxes and fees.
type (optional) is 0 for a payment made at the end of the period or 1 for the beginning. If omitted, type = 0.
guess (optional) is a numeric value which approximates the answer, used as a starting point for the algorithm. If omitted, guess = 0.1 (10%).
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