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About Finance Functions
There are sixteen finance related functions:
pv, npv—Present value
fv, fvadj, fvc—Future value
crate, nom, rate—Interest rate
cnper, nper—Number of periods
cumint, cumprn, eff—Cumulative interest, cumulative principal and APR
irr, mirr—Internal rate
pmt, ppmt, ipmt—Payment
Additional Information
Payments you make, such as deposits in a savings account or payments toward a loan, must be entered as negative numbers. Cash you receive, such as dividend checks, must be entered as positive numbers.
Interest rates are expressed as decimals, such as 0.0825, or as percents, such as 8.25%. You may need to calculate the interest rate per period. The rate equals the nominal annual rate divided by compounding periods in a year. For example, you can find the interest rate per month based on the nominal annual interest rate:
nomrate = ann_rate / 12
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