Elementwise Phase
phase(v)—Returns the phase angle of v.
phasecor(phasevec)—Returns the phase angle of v corrected for jump discontinuities.
The function walks through phasevec adding multiples of when necessary to produce a continuous data set while maintaining the integrity of the phase data.
v is a real or complex-valued array of any size.
phasevec is a real-valued array of elementwise phases.
Additional Information
Each phase angle generated by phase is selected in the range -π < θ < +π (a full 2π cycle).
Phase information can also be represented using the range 0 to 2π (also a full 2π cycle)
Adding or subtracting any multiple of 2π to any angle yields the same angle.
The representation of phase information of identical input data vectors may differ depending on which range of the full cycle is being used as the default by the implementation.
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