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Defining Units and Unit Functions
You can define your own units or unit functions to use in your worksheet.
User-Defined Units
Define units as you define variables. Apply the unit label to the name of the unit to ensure that PTC Mathcad can carry out unit checking:
Without Unit Label
With Unit Label
Define a unit.
Evaluate the unit. The result is returned in the unit system of the worksheet.
Replace the unit in the result with the unit defined above. PTC Mathcad only recognizes the unit when it has been labeled.
Watch this video to learn more about defining units:
Unit Functions
You can use unit functions to associate a quantity with a value, or to scale the value. The built-in temperature units °C and °F are examples of unit functions because they are not multiplicative. The base unit for temperature is Kelvin and for converting Kelvins to degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit, you need to add a constant term. You can define your own unit functions, such as the decibel:
You need not add the function argument (x) when you use a unit function:
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