Box Plot
boxplot(Data)—Returns a matrix to generate a box plot. For each data set recorded in a column of Data, the matrix returned by boxplot has a column with the following rows:
0, 1, 2
Three quartiles (25%, median: 50%, and 75%) of the data set that are calculated using the percentile function. They may or may not land on data points in the data set.
3, 4
The minimum and maximum values of the data set that are not outliers
Outliers that are detected using the interquartile range method. Data points are labeled as outliers if they lie 1.5 times the interquartile range above or below the end points of that range.
Outliers are returned in ascending order. If multiple data sets are used and some have more outliers than others, then the missing entries are filled with NaNs.
boxplotgraph(Data)—Returns a vector of two elements that you can use to generate box plots for the data sets recorded in the columns of Data. In an XY plot, enter the first element as the x argument and the second element as the y argument.
Data is a vector or a matrix of real values where each column is treated as a set of data and has compatible units. When the data sets do not all have the same size, you must pad the empty elements at the bottom of Data with NaNs.
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