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About KeyTips and Keyboard Shortcuts
PTC Mathcad provides KeyTips to help you reach a particular Ribbon command more quickly by pressing a keyboard letter or number instead of mouse clicks.
KeyTips are a single letter or number displayed as an icon below or next to a Ribbon tab, command, or a drop-down menu. KeyTips indicate which keyboard key you should press to activate a particular command.
You can work more efficiently by using KeyTips and keyboard shortcuts for entering and editing equations. By typing a keystroke combination, you can activate most of the Ribbon commands. The KeyTips for the Ribbon tabs and the PTC Mathcad button appear when you press and release the ALT or F10 key. You can press the letter that is indicated in the KeyTip to continue navigating the user interface and activating commands.
Additional Information
PTC Mathcad uses the same KeyTip letter or number under different tabs or groups, but such KeyTips activate the command that PTC Mathcad has assigned to them. For example, pressing T (KeyTip ) at the top level Ribbon opens the Matrices/Tables tab, but under the Text Formatting tab it executes the Decrease Font Size command.
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