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About Plotting Functions
You can plot built-in or user-defined functions. For example, you can visualize inequalities, piecewise functions, and parametric plots.
You do not need to define the functions before creating a plot. You can define the body of the functions in the axis expressions.
Controlling the Plotted Points
When you plot functions, the default x-axis range is [–10, 10]. In XY plots and polar plots, 500 points are plotted. In 3D plots, 41 points are plotted. However, you may want to control the plotted points by using one of the following methods:
Define the independent variable as a range variable.
Change the number of plotted points, and change the axis range by editing tick marks.
To smooth a trace, add more points. To view missing plot features, increase the range over which the points are plotted.
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