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About XY Plots
Create XY plots to visualize functions or data. For example, you can compare the results of several experiments or you can quickly find roots of an equation.
Creating Plots
To create a plot, insert an empty plot, define the axis expressions, and then transform the resulting plot as needed:
Change the trace style to create, for example, a scatter plot.
Change the trace type to create a column plot, a box plot, or an effects plot.
Add traces to create, for example, a Pareto plot.
Customizing Plots
To customize a plot, work with its parts or its region. For example, to add traces, you need to add axis expressions. To change the size of a plot, you need to resize the plot region.
Creating and Customizing Plots Using Chart Components
For more formatting options and chart features, you can create an XY plot inside an embedded Chart Component, and then invoke the Mathcad Chart application to customize your chart.
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