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About Digital Filtering Functions
The following functions are used in the design of Finite Impulse Response (FIR) and Infinite Impulse Response (IIR) filters.
gain—Returns the gain of a filter.
response, fftfilt—Returns the response of a vector to a FIR or IIR filter.
bandpass, bandstop, highpass, lowpass—Returns coefficients for a bandpass, bandstop, highpass, or lowpass of an FIR filter.
remez—Returns coefficients for an FIR filter generated by the Remez exchange algorithm.
bessel, butter, cheby1, cheby2—Returns coefficients for a Bessel filter, a Butterworth filter or a Chebyshev filter of Type I or II.
iirhigh, iirlow, iirpass, iirstop—Returns coefficients for a highpass, lowpass, bandpass, or bandstop of an IIR filter.
filtfilt—Returns the zero-phase response of a filter.
grpdelay—Returns the group delay imposed by a filter.
upsample, multirate, resample—Performs interpolation and then resampling of an array.
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