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About Bessel Functions
J0, J1, Jn, Y0, Y1, Yn—Bessel functions of the first and second kinds.
I0, I1, In, K0, K1, Kn—Modified (Hyperbolic) Bessel functions.
H1, H2—Hankel functions.
Ai, DAi, Bi, DBi—Airy functions.
bei, ber—Bessel Kelvin functions.
js, ys—Spherical Bessel functions.
Fractional and negative orders are supported for most Bessel functions.
If the Bessel function arguments are very large positive or negative values, it may cause overflow or underflow errors. If your calculations require these values, you may be able to use the scaled version of the function instead.
The scaled version of a Bessel function is formed by typing .sc after the function name to get, or by typing sc as a literal subscript to get Aisc. The scale expression for the scaled version is shown with each function’s description.
The mathematical literature sometimes refers to the Bessel functions as subscripted functions, such as J0(z). PTC Mathcad does not use subscripts to refer to such functions. For example, J0(z) is represented by PTC Mathcad as J0(z).
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