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About XY Plot Parts
XY plots enable you to view 2D data in a 2D plot. You can control the traces by editing the tick marks on the x-axis or y-axis.
1. Plot region
2. Trace
3. Tick mark
4. Axis
5. Tick mark value
6. Axis legend
7. Axis expression
8. Unit placeholder
Working with Plot Parts
You can perform the following actions on plot parts:
Traces—Add or customize the traces.
Axis expressions—Edit the axis expressions or add new expressions to plots. Change the units or the scaling of axis expressions. Move or resize the axis legends.
Axes—Change the axes scaling or move axes. Change the axis limits.
Tick Marks—Customize the tick marks.
Additional Information
You can enhance your XY plot in the following ways:
Adding vertical or horizontal markers.
Hiding or showing the axes expressions.
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