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About Traces and Axis Expressions
You can add or customize traces. You can also change the units, scaling, or location of axis expressions.
Adding Traces
You can increase the number of traces by adding axis expressions. For box plots and effects plots, add rows to the arrays in the axis expressions to increase the number of boxes or factors.
As you increase the number of axis expressions, you do not need to have the same number of x-axis and y-axis expressions. The axis expressions are paired sequentially to create traces until the last axis expression is reached for one of the axis. This expression applies to all the remaining axis expressions of the second axis.
Customizing Traces
You can change the appearance of traces. They have the following default settings:
Color—Blue for XY plots and polar plots and black for 3D plots
Line Style—Solid line
Changing the Units, Scaling, and Location of Axis Expressions
If an axis expression has units associated with it, the units appear automatically in the unit placeholder. When active, this placeholder is surrounded by parentheses. You can change the displayed units as you do for results in math regions. You can also use the unit placeholder to scale axis expressions.
You can move the axis legends. They have the following default locations:
X-axis legend—Bottom
Y-axis legend—Left
You can also resize the axis legends.
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