Expanded Event Log Mashup
This mashup is designed to be easily replaced with a customized mashup so long as the customized mashup has the same inputs and outputs. For more information, see Replacing Modular Mashups.
The expanded event log mashup (PTC.ProductionDashboard.ExpandedEventLog_MU) displays the expanded view of the event log. In the expanded view you can view loss events for the past 24 hours in chronological order with the most recent first, loss events with alerts first, or only loss events with alerts. You can also view only scrap events for the past week. You can also add historical scrap events. Events that were entered through data automation are indicated with an asterisk ( * ). Click Collapse Log to return to the collapsed event log view.
The Production Dashboard main page with a red rectangle indicating the expanded event log mashup.
The PTC.ProductionDashboard.ExpandedEventLog_MU mashup uses the following widgets:
Multiple Label widgets for text strings.
A Text Field widget for the search field.
A DropDown widget for selecting the view order: Most Recent (24 hr), Alerts First (24 hr), Alerts Only (24 hr), Scrap Only (Week).
Multiple Button widgets:
For the Add Historical Scrap Event button.
For the Collapse Log button.
A Contained Mashup widget, which displays either the empty view mashup (PTC.ProductionDashboard.NoEventLogs_MU), or the expanded event log mashup (PTC.ProductionDashboard.ExpandedEventLogGrid_MU).
The input parameters for the PTC.ProductionDashboard.ExpandedEventLog_MU are:
timeZone—The time zone for the site to which the selected work center belongs.
eventLogUpdateTimestamp—The timestamp for the most recent loss event, availability event, or production event that is entered for the pacemaker of the selected work center. When this timestamp changes, the event log updates.
workCenterThingName—The Thing name of the selected work center.
thingName—The Thing name of the pacemaker for the selected work center.
manager—The manager from which the dynamic services on this mashup are run.
collapseLog—A flag indicating whether the event log is in the collapsed view or the expanded view.
The output parameters for the PTC.ProductionDashboard.ExpandedEventLog_MU are:
collapseLog—A flag indicating whether the event log is in the collapsed view or the expanded view.
The mashup uses the following dynamic services from the PTC.ProductionDashboard.Management_TS Thing Shape:
GetEventLogData—Retrieves the events to display in the event log.
GetEventLogSortingOptions—Retrieves the options show in the sorting drop-down list.
Dynamic services allow you to select the entity to execute a service at runtime. In this case, the service can be executed from any entity that implements the ThingShapename Thing Shape. For more information, see Dynamic Services in the Mashup Builder section of the ThingWorx Help Center.
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