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Configurations (Production Dashboard Building Block)
Configuration Page
The following configurations are available on the Configurations page of the PTC.ProductionDashboard.Manager Thing:
DisconnectConfiguration—Settings used to check whether the pacemaker Thing is connected.
heartbeatInterval—Time interval used to verify if the web socket between the browser and the pacemaker Thing is still transmitting information. The default value is 45 seconds.
heartbeatIntervalErrorMargin—Value used as an acceptable error margin when receiving a value from the web socket. If the received value is not up to date after two attempts, then a notification is triggered informing the user that they are disconnected. The recommended formula for this value is the heartbeatInterval multiplied by 2, plus 5. The default value is 95 seconds.
MashupConfiguration—Used to determine which mashups are displayed for portions of the Production Dashboard user interface. These mashups are designed to be modular, so that you can easily replace these mashups with your own customized mashups by changing the mashup defined in this configuration table. For more information, see Modular Mashups.
MenuConfiguration—Used to configure the main mashup that displays when Production Dashboard is selected from the main DPM menu. For more information, see Customizing the DPM Menu.
DefaultConfiguration—This configuration table contains the ProductionAccountingDefaultRollingHours setting, which is used for the Shift View of the Production Accounting pane in the Production Dashboard. If there are no ongoing shifts, the Shift View uses this rolling hour value to see all the production blocks for past number of hours specified as the ProductionAccountingDefaultRollingHours value. The default value is 8 hours.
Manager Dependencies
Services in the PTC.ProductionDashboard project are dependent on the managers that are registered for certain other building blocks. When a service references another manager, it looks first at the ManagerConfiguration table on the PTC.ProductionDashboard.Manager Thing to see if it finds an entry for the specific id value. If it does not find an entry there, the service then looks at the DefaultGlobalManagerConfiguration table on the PTC.Base.Manager Thing.
The PTC.ProductionDashboard project services reference the managers registered for the following id values:
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