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Showing Data for an Average Week
In Performance Analysis, you can view data for a date range from a single day to many months. Using the Show Average Week toggle, you can see what that data looks like when it is normalized to a 168 hour week.
This toggle appears near the title of each chart in Performance Analysis.
A close-up of title portion of a waterfall chart with a red rectangle highlighting the Show Average Week button.
The bottleneck, waterfall, and Pareto charts can be filtered to show normalized data. The toggle is disabled on trend charts as a trend chart always shows actual data.
Using the Show Average Week Toggle
Click the Show Average Week toggle to turn on this feature:
The Show Average Week button in the active state.
Click the toggle again to turn it off.
The current state of the toggle is maintained as you navigate between the waterfall, Pareto, and trend charts. When you navigate from the bottleneck chart to the waterfall chart, the toggle is always off. Resetting or applying new filters to the charts has no impact on the state of the toggle.
Calculating Values for the Average Week
An average week is 168 hours or 24 hours multiplied by 7 days. The formula used to calculate the value of a bar in the chart for an average week is: (Time loss for the category or reason/Time shown for the Total Time bar on the waterfall chart) * 168.
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