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Upgrading DPM from 1.2.0 to 1.2.1 in the PTC Cloud
If you are upgrading from DPM 1.1.0, you must first upgrade to DPM 1.2.0 before upgrading to DPM 1.2.1. Direct upgrade from DPM 1.1.0 to DPM 1.2.1 is not supported.
To upgrade DPM from 1.2.0 to 1.2.1 in a PTC Cloud deployment scenario, complete the steps in the following sections:
Solution Central is the recommended tool for moving your deployment and customizations between ThingWorx environments, for example from a test environment to a production environment. For more information, see the ThingWorx Solution Central Help Center.
Pre-Upgrade Activities
Complete the following steps before beginning the upgrade:
If you have customized any of the building blocks, back up your customizations.
Localization tables are overwritten during an upgrade. If you have customized tokens in any localization tables, export the customized localization tables before performing the upgrade. The exported localization tables can be imported after the upgrade is complete to retain your modifications.
Upgrading ThingWorx and DPM
In a PTC Cloud deployment scenario, your database, ThingWorx Platform, and DPM are all upgraded for you by PTC in the PTC Cloud. For more information, see the PTC Cloud Engagement Guide.
Post-Upgrade Activities
After DPM has been successfully upgraded, and before making the updated system available to users, complete the following steps:
1. Aggregate the events in the database. Complete the following steps:
a. In ThingWorx Composer, navigate to PTC.OperationKPIImpl.EventsAggregationScheduler.
b. Under Services, execute the AggregateEvents service.
2. If you have customized DPM, refer to Customization and Upgrade to address any impact to your customizations resulting from the upgrade.
3. Import any customized localization tables that you exported from ThingWorx Composer before upgrading.
4. Review the initial administration activities, and perform any activities needed for new functionality. For more information, see Initial DPM Administration Activities.
5. Recommend that users clear the browser cache on any client machines.
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