Using Navigation Criteria in Process Plan Conversion
In Windchill MPMLink, you can apply filters on a process plan to show only the portions of the structure that are of interest. Similarly, when converting a process plan from Windchill MPMLink into the work instructions building block, you can supply navigation criteria to convert only those parts of the structure that are of interest. Navigation criteria are supplied using the input parameters for the ConvertFromProcessPlanID service. These input parameters are the equivalent of certain filters that can be applied from action sets on the Structure tab of the Process Plan Browser in Windchill MPMLink:
Action Set on the Windchill MPMLink Structure Tab
Input Parameter Equivalent on ConvertFromProcessPlanID Service
Related Assembly Filter
The navigation criteria are supplied in the input parameters as a JSON payload. To filter process plans during conversion, you can apply the following types of navigation criteria using the input parameters for the ConvertFromProcessPlanID service:
The topics linked in the preceding list include example JSON payloads for each type of navigation criteria. The topics also show how object attributes in the JSON payload map to the settings used in a Windchill MPMLink filter. Use these examples as models for creating your own navigation criteria.
Multiple types of navigation criteria can be provided in a single JSON payload. Any combination of supported navigation criteria types that can be combined in a Windchill MPMLink filter can also be combined in the navigation criteria for converting process plans. For more information, including an example combining many of the supported navigation criteria types, see Creating Your Own Navigation Criteria Example.
For information on retrieving the values from Windchill MPMLink that are needed to create your own JSON payloads see Retrieving Values from Windchill for Navigation Criteria.
The input parameters for the ConvertFromProcessPlanID service also support specifying the ID of a saved filter in Windchill MPMLink to be used as the navigation criteria when converting a process plan. This allows you to use the navigation criteria for an existing saved filter without needing to create a JSON payload.
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