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Introduction to Creo Intelligent Fastener Beginner Tutorial
The set of exercises in this tutorial will help you understand the basic functionality in Creo Intelligent Fastener (IFX) and enable you to quickly assemble and configure fasteners. You will also get an overview of important operations used in modifying fastener connections.
Exercise 1 — Assembling a Fastener in Existing Holes—Describes how to assemble Fasteners to existing holes.
Exercise 2 — Assembling a Fastener Onto a Datum—Describes how to assemble fasteners on to a datum feature.
Exercise 3 — Reassembling a Fastener onto a Datum—Describes how to reassemble fasteners.
Exercise 4 — Assembling a Fastener with Mouse Clicks—Describes how to assemble fasteners using mouse clicks.
Exercise 5—Redefining Fasteners—Describes how to redefine fasteners.
Exercise 6— Deleting Fasteners—Describes how to delete fasteners.