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Function Definition Dialog Box
Use this dialog box to create or edit a function.
The Function Definition dialog box contains the following items:
Name—Use the default or type a function name.
Description (optional)—Type a description for the function.
Coordinate system (not available for time-dependent functions)—Click the selector arrow to select a coordinate system to reference your function.
Definition—Define your function using a symbolic expression or table data.
Type—Select the type of function you want to create or review. Depending on your selection, the dialog box changes to display additional items:
Symbolic—Type a symbolic expression for the function.
Table—Specify data from a table for the function.
Available function components—Click this button to open the Symbolic Options dialog box.
Mirror for negative deflections: f(deflection) = -f(-deflection)—Click this check box to specify that the force deflection curve for negative deflection is the reflection of about both the x (deflection) and y (force) axes of the given force-deflection curve for positive deflection If you do not select this check box, then you must specify the force-deflection curve for both negative (compression) and positive (extension) deflections. This check box is selected by default.
* This check box is available on the Function Definition dialog box only when you define force-deflection curve functions.
Review—Click this button to open the Graph Function dialog box. You can use this dialog box to graph your function.