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Table Function
If you select Table as your function type, you need to:
Select an independent variable from the Value option menu
Creo Simulate displays the name of the independent variable in this column. This is the independent variable you can use as part of the expression that defines the function.
Specify at least one value for the independent variable in the independent variable column, which is on the left side of the table
Values in this column must be in either increasing or decreasing sequence, and you cannot use a single number more than twice.
Specify a function value in each row of the Value column. Type a corresponding value for each dependent variable in this column.
Specify an interpolation method for the variables
The following buttons allow you to modify the table:
Import Table—Imports an ASCII file with table values from a specified location. The file must have the value of the independent variable followed by a tab or a space character and the corresponding dependent variable value for each table entry. A carriage return character is the valid delimiter for each table entry.
Add Row—Adds up to 100 rows at a time. You specify the row to start at in the table and the number of rows to add.
Delete Rows—Removes all the rows you indicate.
Clear All—Clears all values from both columns.
The following buttons appear only if the table has more than 1000 rows:
—Displays the first 1000 rows in the table.
—Displays the previous 1000 rows in the table.
—Displays the next 1000 rows in the table.
—Displays the last 1000 rows in the table.
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