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Example: Function of Coordinates
Function loads provide a means of simulating loads that have a complex magnitude distribution. For example, you can use the function of coordinates method to define sinusoidal loads, as shown below:
In working with function loads, be aware that the resultant load depends on a number of factors, such as the orientation of the coordinate system, the dimensioning scheme you used for your part, and so forth. As a result of these dependencies, you may need to work through the function dialog box more than once to achieve the exact load conditions you want.
Because function loads are complex, you may find it particularly useful to verify the load by clicking the Preview button on the respective load definition dialog boxes. The preview function shows the relative load magnitude at different points on the entity. You might also find it useful to verify the load. To review loads, click Home > Loads > Review Total Load after you define the load. The method you use varies depending on whether you are performing the review for a force, moment, bearing, or pressure load in Structure or a heat load in Thermal.