Creo Simulate > Creo Simulate Results Window > Results for Native Mode > Viewing Results > Controlling Result Windows and Model Appearance > Exploded
Use View > Exploded to view a component of a model separated from other components. The Exploded command on the View tab enables you to explode or not explode a fringe, vector, or model plot for an assembly. Note that, an exploded view only affects the assembly appearance.
Creo Simulate results do not allow you to edit the exploded positions of components. If you want to change the definition of the explode state, use View > View Manager in Creo Parametric. After you have redefined the exploded state, rerun the analysis or design study in Creo Simulate. Note that, only the default exploded state is available in results for display when post-processing.
You can perform the following actions on the exploded view:
switch the exploded view of the components on and off using View > Exploded
check values at specific locations of interest
determine the location of quantity minimum and maximum
study the behaviour of the quantity in the interior of your model
save and retrieve the exploded state
In case of multiple results windows, you can only explode the selected results window. If you have selected multiple results windows, Creo Simulate does not allow you to explode the model.