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Controlling Result Windows and Model Appearance
You can control certain model characteristics such as the view angle, model size, or the color of the window. These characteristics are further categorized as follows:
Window format—The format of a result window such as a caption, a legend, or the background color. You can control the window format using the View tab.
The window format controls includes the following commands:
View > Overlay—Use this command to overlay the undeformed model over an animation or to shade your model.
View > Visibilities—Use the Visibilities dialog box to select and deselect various window characteristics.
Model view—Model view is the view angle, size, and position of your model as it appears in the result window. You can find controls for manipulating the model view on the View tab. All model view controls operate over single or multiple windows.
Model view controls on the View tab includes:
Spin Center—Use Spin Center to change the orientation of your model. Setting spin center to ON spins the model about the center while setting it to OFF spins the model about a user-defined location in the result window.
Exploded—Use Exploded to explode or not explode a fringe, vector, or the model plot for an assembly.
Transparent—Use this command to display transparent fringes. The transparency of the fringes increases as the legend value decreases.
Continuous Tone—Use this command to display fringes in continuous tones with smooth in-between transitions. If you do not select this item, fringes are displayed in discrete colors. To select continuous tones for your models by default, set the sim_pp_legend_continuous configuration option to YES. You cannot select both Continuous Tone and Transparent at the same time.
* You cannot export a fringe with Continuous Tone as a VRML file.
Shaded—Use this command to shade your model.