Creo Simulate > Creo Simulate Results Window > Results for Native Mode > Querying Results > Dynamic Query
Dynamic Query
Click Home > Dynamic Query to display the current value and the coordinates of the result window quantity at the selected locations. Location coordinates appear in the principal system of units, independent of the units selected for the result window.
The coordinate system associated with the Location is displayed in the Query dialog box and is the default coordinate system of the result window. To change this coordinate system, click to select a user-defined coordinate system. If you select a Cartesian coordinate system, that is, WCS, Creo Simulate displays the coordinate system as WCS in the Query dialog box.
You can query at a single or at multiple locations:
Single location—When moving the pointer over the model, the Query dialog box shows the associated value and the coordinates.
Tip: Some locations may be difficult to select at certain views. If you have trouble selecting a location to query, change the view and select the location again.
Multiple locations—Click the left mouse button at a location. Creo Simulate marks the location with a diamond-shaped icon to display the value and the associated coordinates above the icon.