Creo Simulate > Modeling Structure and Thermal Problems > Properties > Beam Sections > Sketched Solid and Sketched Thin
Sketched Solid and Sketched Thin
Use the Sketcher to draw and dimension the following types of sketched beam sections:
Sketched Solid—Creates a closed solid section.
Sketched Thin—Creates multiple open or closed sections with varying thickness.
The beam has a default thickness assigned to all the line segments in the sketch. The default global thickness appears on the sketch adjacent to the coordinate system triad. You can also define thickness for the following entities:
Chain—To assign thickness to a selected chain click Sketch > Setup > Feature Tools > Chain Thickness.
Entity—To assign thickness to a selected individual entity click Sketch > Setup > Feature Tools > Entity Thickness.
* Chain thickness values override the default global thickness values. Entity thickness values override both the chain and global thickness values.
All thickness values are validated. Double-click or select a thickness value and right-click to modify it.
Cross sections must not have overlapping geometry or chains that do not touch at the connection points. For unattached line segments or chains you can create a connection to close the beam cross section. Click Sketch > Setup > Feature Tools > Connect to create a connection between two entities.
When you sketch a beam section, Creo Simulate displays the sketcher coordinate system with Y- as the vertical axis and X- as the horizontal axis. After you leave the section sketcher, Creo Simulate translates this coordinate system to one with Y- as the vertical axis and Z- as the horizontal axis. When you complete the beam, the software displays the beam as a solid, extruded from the sketched section.
You can add sketched sections to Creo Simulate's section library. If you created your sketched section in a previous release, be sure that the units for the beam section are consistent with the current principal system of units.
To view stress results for recovery points for your sketched beam section, you must create points on the sketched section. When you view results, Creo Simulate displays a graphic of your sketch showing the location of the points. Keep in mind that the maximum number of recovery points is nine in native mode and four in FEM mode.
You can select the section dimension of thin or solid sketched beam sections as a variable for design studies. Thus, you can dynamically modify your beam profile during sensitivity and optimization studies.
* You cannot create design variables for predefined Creo Simulate beam sections. Only sketched sections allow design variables.