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Guidelines for Using Materials
Be aware of the following when using materials:
You can use the same material properties in Structure and Thermal.
In the assembly mode, you can assign a material to a part by clicking Home > Material Assignment. However, when you open the part, the part will not have the material that you assigned at the assembly level.
In Structure, you cannot assign materials to springs or masses.
Creo Simulate maintains consistency between Creo Parametric and Creo Simulate data for all material properties.
You can assign the value of Creo Parametric parameters as you create materials.
In Structure, you can create isotropic materials that are temperature-dependent by specifying Young's modulus, Poisson's ratio, or the coefficient of thermal expansion as a function of temperature.
You can save materials in a library and use them across models.
You cannot define material orientation for beams.
If you assign a material orientation to a part and that part is compressed to a surface, the definition of the material orientation changes from one defined over a part to one defined over a surface. The material orientation applies to all the surfaces that are created when Creo Simulate compresses the part.
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