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Parameter-Capable Edit Fields
You can use Creo Parametric parameters in arithmetic expressions that define thickness and orientation for your laminate-layup shell properties.
When you right-click on the property text box, a menu appears with the following items:
Parameter—Displays the Select Creo Parametric Parameter dialog box with a list of existing parameters. You can use this dialog box to select a parameter from the list. The selected parameter appears in the text box. You can add text to form an expression.
Undo—Reverses the last action.
Cut—Removes the highlighted text from the text box and copies it to the system buffer.
Copy—Adds text from the text box to the system buffer to be pasted into another area.
Paste—Adds text to the text box from the system buffer.
Delete—Removes the selected text from the text box.
Select All—Highlights all the text in the text box.
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