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Enter the orientation for the ply or sub-laminate. For a single ply, the orientation is the amount the material is rotated about the material direction perpendicular to the shell or surface (the material orientation 3 direction). See the illustration for more information.
For sub-laminates, the orientation is the amount by which the entire sub-laminate is rotated.
Type positive or negative real number values for the orientation. If you have more than one ply, you can specify multiple orientations by typing the values separated by a slash. For example, enter 0/90/45/–45 for a 4-ply laminate.
To type a negative orientation, insert a minus sign before the number in the entry box. For example, the negative orientation of a ply can be entered as –45.
The field for orientation is parameter-capable. Right-click in the Orientation field of the Shell Property Definition dialog box and select Parameter from the menu.
* If you enter multiple values for the orientation, you cannot use expressions based on parameters, and you cannot mix parameter names and real numbers. For example, you cannot use an expression such as 90/45/ANGLE.
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